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1.1 – What is LiveGood Business?

2.1 – LiveGood Founder

2.2 – LiveGood Team

2.3 – LiveGood Company History

4.1 – LiveGood Product Reviews

4.2 – What is Different About LiveGood Products?

5.1 – LiveGood Compensation Plan

8.1 – LiveGood Passive Earnings

8.2 – LiveGood Active Efforts

9.1 – LiveGood Offers Multiple Streams of Income

9.2 – LiveGood Offers Weekly and Monthly Payouts

9.3 – LiveGood has a Powerful Forced Matrix

9.4 – LiveGood is a Thriving Company with a Stellar Reputation

9.5 – LiveGood offer Desirable and Affordable Products

9.6 – LiveGood Boasts a Revolutionary Affiliate Commission Plan

9.7 – LiveGood is Global and has Affordable Affiliate Fees

9.8 – LiveGood offers a Work From Home Lifestyle

11.1 – What is LiveGood?

11.2 – How does LiveGood’s pricing compare to other popular platforms?

11.3 – What benefits do I get as a LiveGood member?

11.4 – How can I become a LiveGood member?

11.5 – Is there a membership fee?

11.6 – Is LiveGood Worldwide?

11.7 – Can I trust the LiveGood reputation?

11.8 – What is the refund policy?

11.9 – What is the LiveGood Email?

11.10 – What is a LiveGood Tour?



What is LiveGood Company All About?

Understandably, you are here reading this article because you want to find out all of the juicy details about LiveGood and just how it might help you make money online.

You may have already heard the claim that you can pocket up to $2047.50 every month without actually enrolling, recruiting or selling!

In this article, we will uncover if that really is realistic, and how that would be attainable, as well as other important factors you need to know about the LiveGood company.

Let’s uncover the truth behind LiveGood and discover if it’s the perfect fit for you.

Who is the Owner of LiveGood?

LiveGood Founder

Ben Glinsky is the LiveGood Founder and CEO.

Ben has a long standing career in Network Marketing. With his impressive

track record, he played a pivotal role in the growth of a thriving company

known as Skinny Body Care, which later caught the attention of Valentus,

leading to it’s acquisition.

Upon examining his regular You Tube Updates and personal blog, it becomes evident that he possesses a sincere and commendable aspiration to support and aid others.

Every week Ben holds a zoom call for everybody involved with LiveGood. He regularly discusses just how broken he feels that the Network Marketing system has become. In fact that’s the entire reason he left the industry behind, he saw first-hand that product prices were inflated and only a small percentage of affiliates made money.

Ben wanted to wipe his slate clean and move away from Network Marketing.

However, Ben explains that he knew there had to be another way to run a profitable, successful business. A way to change the industry.

When he and his business partner Nauder Khazan realised the power and potential of running a Network Marketing company on the membership model, he came out of retirement to create LiveGood.

To shake up the industry, and create anew paradigm where affordable products are sold and affiliates can make money easily.

CEO Ben Glinsky announced the launch of LiveGood on December 13th, 2022. Ben Glinsky has a wealth of experience in Network Marketing, and has seen great personal success in the industry.

Despite his personal success, Ben had made the bold decision to step away from the world of Direct Sales and Network Marketing. He described a troubling trend within the industry, where the wealth and achievements of Network Marketing and MLM businesses seemed to be concentrated among a select few top recruiters and owners.

Dissatisfied with this state of affairs, Ben was determined to create a new paradigm – the LiveGood Network Marketing Model, where every affiliate would have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. His vision was to build a system that would empower and uplift each individual involved.

With LiveGood, Ben aimed to break away from the traditional hierarchy and ensure that success was not limited to a privileged few. Instead, he set out to create a level playing field, where every affiliate could realise their potential and achieve their goals.

By introducing this innovative approach, Ben sought to redefine the industry and create a community of Livegood Distributers where collaboration, support, and shared success were at the core.

The LiveGood model emerged as a beacon of hope for those seeking a fair and inclusive opportunity to thrive in the world of Network Marketing and MLM.

At the time of writing this, the LiveGood Company History is short, but astounding. With over 300,000 active members already and product sales in their millions per month.

How LiveGood is Different!

What sets LiveGood apart is its commitment to providing high quality products while charging less than half the price of its competitors.

You can join forces with LiveGood as a LiveGood Distributor and unlock a potentially lucrative multi-tiered compensation plan.

The LiveGood Compensation Plan offers 6 ways to earn and includes retail commissions, matrix commissions, and various bonuses.

Summary of LiveGood Business Model

LiveGood offers a unique work from home business opportunity with multiple

income streams and lucrative earning potential.

Throgh a forced matrix system, affiliates can benefit from the growth of their

team from over-spill and earn weekly and monthly payouts. The company’s

strong reputation. desirable and affordable products, and global reach contribute

to its success.

Overall, the company offers LiveGood Distributors a compelling business model

for individuals looking to achieve financial success.

Benefits include:

  • Unlock the potential of the “Earn by Sharing” affiliate program to generate extra income while sharing the membership with others.
  • Earn commissions regardless of whether you sell, recruit or refer. The forced matrix creates overspill.
  • No obligation to buy products whatsoever. No obligation to sell anything (like Amazon Prime or Costco).
  • Experience savings of approximately 75% on your health products and supplements.
  • Benefit from premium-quality products that surpass industry standards.
  • LiveGood operates as a Nutrition Buyers Club, granting members exclusive access to unbeatable prices.
  • Non-members still enjoy remarkable savings on their purchases.
  • LiveGood sets itself apart from their competitors through:
    • Providing deeper discounts.
    • Focusing exclusively on high-quality health products.
    • Offering an opportunity to earn through sharing the affiliate program.

LiveGood Products

So, do LiveGood products really work? If you are considering promoting LiveGood products, you’ll want to be sure that they are trustworthy and that LiveGood products really work.

Let’s start with the ingredients. LiveGood Nutritional Supplements are clean, certified organic and boast certifications such as Caffeine Free, Cruelty Free, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, 100% Vegan and USDA Organic.

At the time of writing this article. LiveGood offers a wide range of commonly used health and wellness products that cater to various needs. The LiveGood products include (LiveGood CBD Oil, LiveGood Coffee, LiveGood Supplements).

In today’s world, many health professionals recommend boosting and supplementing your diet, as it is often challenging to achieve optimal nutrition solely through food. Factors such as nutrient-depleted soils and less nutrient-dense foods contribute to this challenge.

What sets LiveGood Nutritional Supplements apart is their refreshing approach. LiveGood are not in the business of selling unnecessary or obscure supplements. Instead, they have diligently focused on identifying what the human body truly needs, resulting in a straightforward and recognizable product line.

Personally, I am often sceptical when companies promote products with a long list of unfamiliar ingredients, claiming them to be “essential”. However, LiveGood has successfully defended their product line by ensuring that each product contains genuinely essential vitamins and minerals crucial for maintaining excellent health and vitality.

With LiveGood you can trust that the products are designed with your wellbeing in mind.

LiveGood Affiliate Program

You can make a positive impact on people’s well-being while creating a thriving business and income stream.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

Let’s dive into the details of LiveGood’s compensation plan and discover the potential it holds for you.

LiveGood Compensation Plan

Let’s explore the six incredible income opportunities available with LiveGood Network Marketing:

1. Weekly Fast Start Commissions

  • You can choose to be a “silent” affiliate, without the need to actively enrol or recruit others
  • Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your involvement based on your preferences and goals.

2. Matrix Commissions

As you become a LiveGood affiliate, you unlock the key to your own business center within a 2 x 15 Forced Matrix. This matrix is quickly filling up as LiveGood continues to attract new members each week. Here’s how it works:

1. New members are placed in the matrix below existing members, following their enroller.

2. By securing your position early, you ensure a higher placement in the matrix, amplifying your potential for success.

1. By locking in your position early, you gain a significant advantage within the matrix system.

2. This early positioning maximizes your potential to benefit from the growth and success of LiveGood.

I share my personal experience of how this strategy has proven to be been remarkably powerful in just a few weeks here.

While Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are noteworthy, LiveGood takes it a step further with extraordinary Matching Bonuses. Get ready to supercharge your earnings with this exceptional opportunity.

  1. Enrol Matching Bonus:
    • Earn between 3% and 50% of the matrix commissions for each person you personally enrol.
    • Amplify your earnings as you support and encourage others to join LiveGood.
  2. Generational Matching Bonus:
    • Receive a percentage of the commissions from the individuals enrolled by those you have personally enrolled
    • Enjoy those bonuses up to five enrolment generations deep, regardless of their position within your matrix.

3. Limitless Potential for Financial Rewards:

* With each enrolment and subsequent generations, your financial rewards continue to grow.

LiveGood offer both Member and Retail pricing options for their health and wellness products. While many individuals choose the membership at just $9.95 per month to enjoy substantial savings with Member pricing, others may prefer purchasing at Retail prices. Here’s how you can benefit as a LiveGood affiliate.

  1. Earn from Retail Customer Purchases:
    • As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn 50% of the price difference between Member and Retail prices whenever your referrals make a purchase as a retail customer.
    • This Commission is based on the amount saved by customers who choose the Member pricing option.
  2. Recurring Income Potential:
    • Unlike Fast Start Commissions, which are one time payments, Retail Commissions can be earned multiple times whenever a Retail Customer places an order.
  3. Unlock unlimited Retail Commissions:
    • With LiveGood, you have the ability to earn unlimited Retail Commissions, creating an additional income stream that grows as your referred customers continue to make purchases.

LiveGood rewards affiliates who actively promote LiveGood products to Retail Customers on a larger scale with enticing Influencer Bonuses.

  1. Earn up to 100% Price Difference:
    • Affiliates have the potential to earn up to 100% of the price difference between Member and Retail prices on all orders placed by their referred Retail Customers.
    • The more Retail Customers you bring in, the greater your earning potential becomes.
  2. Based on Personally Enrolled Retail Volume:
    • Influencer Bonuses are exclusively based on the Personally Enrolled Retail Volume per month, regardless of rank.
    • Your success in attracting and serving Retail Customers directly impacts your ability to unlock substantial earnings through these bonuses.
  3. Maximize Your Efforts:
    • By focusing on reaching and serving Retail Customers, you open the door to significant earning opportunities through the Influencer Bonuses.

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